Environmental Management Systems

Whether you are developing a new Environmental Management System (EMS) or require support in connection with an established system, we undertake the full range of EMS services, from one off component assignments to complete development and implementation support.

A good starting out point for EMS development is to undertake a baseline environmental review and gap analysis. These tasks provide an understanding of:

  • the main environmental issues associated with activities within the scope of the EMS; 
  • what existing features of an organisation's management system can be used or amended to support the EMS; and 
  • where the key gaps are.

Our gap analysis service offering systematically evaluates against the established requirements of an EMS, and where required ISO14001 clause requirements. We can generate a multi feature MS Excel report providing both a narrative on the main findings and gaps and also a visual representation by way of a bar graph or spider diagram. The gap analysis report identifies priority areas for action, with recommendations where specialist support may be most beneficial. The gap analysis spreradsheets can be periodically updated to monitor and demonstrate progress against EMS requirements. 


As part of our EMS service delivery area, we maintain a range of template EMS documents such as draft EMS manuals, legislative and aspects registers, generic procedures, guidance documents that are easily tailored to meet individual client circumstances.


To support the implementation of environmental management systems we offer a range of EMS training packages to assist with pre-audit preparation and to raise awareness of both EMS requirements and environmental issues relevant to the client activities. We also deliver more focused environmental auditor training to assist internal EMS auditors.


We are familiar with several certification bodies and are able to assist clients with the identification and selection of a suitable ISO 14001 certifier.


EMS services at a glance

  • Gap analysis
  • Baseline environmental review
  • EMS manual, policies and procedures
  • Legislative and aspects registers
  • Support documentation
  • EMS training